Data Analytics

This course is offered by the
Faculty of Information Science & Technology (FIST)

Data analytics, a highly sought-after skill in today’s fast-paced information age, encompasses the tools and techniques to gain insights from usually from vast amounts of data, leading to meaningful information and trends. As we know, people’s browsing history can be a strong indicator of their online shopping habits. Therefore, applying data analytics on the browsing data can provide an understanding of consumer behavior to refine marketing strategies. This is just one example for how powerful data analytics can be.

The Data Analytics track covers the fundamentals: cloud computing, data wrangling and visualization, business statistical analysis, and project management for business analysts. You will gain an understanding of data storage, essential statistical concepts, and machine learning algorithms.

Going forward, having the competency to work effectively with data is truly valuable and will give you a strong edge over your peers. Knowing how to extract important information from raw data will greatly boost your employability.

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Formal methods and proper skills in managing projects are essential to any businesses. Good organizational and communication skills are an integral part of leading projects effectively. This course prepares you to master project management skills and apply them as a business analyst. Learn to effectively plan, organize, and deliver projects within budget and on time. We will also focus on developing strong communication and leadership skills, optimizing resources, and maximizing efficiency. This is a skillset that will improve your career prospects.


Cloud computing is a solution that provides cost-effective solutions for businesses. It offers flexibility in data storage and access, as well as in computational and intelligence resources sharing. Get hands-on experience in designing cloud systems in this course. We will cover the fundamental knowledge on the design and implementation of cloud computing, focusing on models, techniques, and architectures. A working knowledge of cloud computing can help you stay competitive in the job market and be adaptable to changing business needs.


Statistical analysis techniques are becoming increasingly important in this era of big data. They are crucial in identifying patterns and ensuring the sustainability and future growth of businesses. In this course, you will be introduced to a range of statistical analysis techniques that can be used to extract insights valuable for the business. Develop skills to quickly identify patterns and make informed business decisions based on data. Having strong statistical analysis skills will elevate your employability as they are in high demand in many industries.


One of the fundamental aspects of data science is the art of data manipulation, including data wrangling and visualisation. Gain the skills needed to analyze data effectively and use it to drive business. Learning data wrangling and visualisation can make a significant contribution to your future career. Save time and minimise data analysis errors by understanding how to prepare and clean data proficiently. Being able to present data clearly in a visual format allows you to communicate your findings more effectively to your team and stakeholders.