Steps to check your eligibility

Customize your skillset and reach your full potential by mixing and matching any elective course from any faculty. Discover whether you’re eligible to enroll in a BYOC course by following these simple steps.





Read your academic programme structure. Find the trimesters which you can enroll in open elective courses.

Check if the the open elective slots of your programme matches with the BYOC course planner.

Check seats availability of the BYOC course in CLiC.

Register for the BYOC course in CLiC.



BYOC courses are available to students pursuing an undergraduate (UG) programme at MMU provided their academic programme structure allows it. Refer to your academic programme structure to confirm eligibility.

Seats are available on a first-come, first-served basis.

An academic programme structure is your course planner which shows all the courses you need to take and pass in order to complete your degree or diploma, by year and trimester of study. A programme structure shows all core, elective, and MPU courses that must be fulfilled for the particular academic programme.

The academic programme structure is unique to each program and intake session.

The academic programme structure (pertinent to your intake session) can be obtained from your faculty.

No, you will graduate with the exact number of credit hours required by your academic programme. BYOC gives you the choice to take open electives other than of those specific to your programme. Please consult with your programme coordinator should you wish you take additional credits.

No, they are not equivalent. You only need to complete 9 credit hours of open elective courses within a track to earn the track. A degree minor typically requires 15 – 30 credit hours, depending on the programme / institution.

The majority of BYOC open elective courses are associated with tracks, but there are also some that are not. You may enroll in any open elective course you prefer, and if you fulfill 9 credit hours of courses associated within the same track, you would have completed that track.

To complete and earn a track, you will need to complete 9 credit hours of open elective courses associated with the track.

All BYOC open elective course(s) taken will be reflected in your academic transcript. From academic year 2023/2024 onwards, BYOC track(s) earned will be awarded a special notation in your transcript.

Yes, there are different types of elective courses: those that are tied to your programme and those that not, known as open electives. For the open electives, you may choose any of the BYOC open elective courses.

Consult with your program coordinator to learn more about your options for elective courses.

There are two options: You may retake that course the next time it is offered, or you may take another open elective course (within the same track if you wish to earn that track) to fulfill your elective course credit hours requirement.

Cross-campus BYOC course enrolment is in the planning and will be implemented soon.

BYOC courses have been offered since academic year 2021/2022.