Digital Literacy

In a world rapidly moving towards complete digitization in all aspects, digital literacy becomes a fundamental necessity for everyone. The Digital Literacy track covers basic computing principles and foundational knowledge of data science, data visualisation, and mobile applications development.

Data Science and Data Visualisation often, if not always, go hand-in-hand. In the former, you will be exposed to the latest tools and techniques to preprocess, store, analyse, and model data. In the latter, you will learn the fundamental concepts and techniques in data visualisation and gain the competency to apply appropriate visualisation techniques to effectively present data and information. Additionally, you will be introduced to various state-of-the-art tools for creating applications for mobile devices.

All courses boast up-to-date syllabi that are aligned with contemporary industry demands, incorporating the latest and most popular tools. Acquire the essential theoretical principles and practical skills that are highly sought-after.

This course is offered by the
Faculty of Computing & Informatics (FCI)

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Data science is the discipline of gaining useful information from data. As an introductory course, we will cover the fundamental concepts of data science and examine the roles and responsibilities of data scientists in academia and the industry. You will learn various techniques to preprocess data and understand the basic principles of different methods data storage, management, analysis, modelling, and visualisation. Additionally, get hands-on experience applying state-of-art tools on raw data to extract meaningful information and insights.


Given the vast amounts of data produced and consumed rapidly growing every day, the ability to correctly process and present these data is essential in drawing out their value. This course provides an introduction to transforming data into effective visualisation, focusing on visualisation basics, graphics perception, and visualisation tools. You will experience using state-of-the-art tools to work on large datasets. Advancing into the era of big data, data visualisation is increasingly indispensable as it enables decision makers to discover connections among millions of variables.


The recent years have seen mobile penetration rate consistently on the increase in Malaysia and the rest of the world. Consequently, mobile applications and their usage have become increasingly important as well. This course gives you an introduction to the world of mobile application development. You will learn about different mobile platforms and how to create applications for them using state-of-the-art development tools. Mobile application development skills are highly sought-after both within and outside of the information technology industry. This is your opportunity to master the skill.