Digital Business and Management

This course is offered by the
Faculty of Business (FOB)

In this track, you can get your hands on a comprehensive and up-to-date curriculum that covers all the fundamentals of digital business, from business management to data analytics. We offer knowledge and insights into the process of planning for the establishment of a business such as the business model and marketing strategies.

You will get the opportunity to learn how to use information systems and technologies in your business and insights into the latest trends in the industry such as cyber security and enterprise data analysis and management. Additionally, the skillset acquired will help you remain competitive in the modern business landscape and be able to make informed decisions to maximize your potential.

Delve into the world of digital business with the foundational knowledge and essential skills that will be delivered in this track. Gain the competency and confidence to embark on a successful digital business.

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In the current digital age, businesses are increasing their online presence and moving towards partial or complete digital transformations. This course aims to expose you to the concept of digital business – the various models to generate revenue and the know-how of running a digital business. We will also cover marketing strategies, analytics, and digital business innovation strategies. You will gain essential skills required to plan, design, and develop a digital business. Additionally, learn to work in teams and apply your newfound skills in mock digital business idea pitching activities.


Managing and maintaining information storage or repositories is an integral part of any business. Learn the fundamentals of database management systems in this course, as well as the planning, creating, and deployment of a system. Discover how to use information resources and the relevant technologies to support business strategies. We will also cover the fundamentals of information systems and business intelligence, information system security, knowledge management, and the use of cutting-edge technologies to enhance a business’s competitive edge.


An organisation’s ability to protect its information systems from impairment and theft is essential to its survival and success. Implementing effective security measures will offer liability protection and increase efficiency and productivity of the organisation. This course will take you through understanding the basic concepts associated with Cyber Security, recognizing different types of malware and security breaches, and developing effective prevention methods to increase the system security of an organization. We will also cover risk frameworks for investments in security.


Effectively extracting critical information from large amounts of data gives businesses a definite edge. Data from various sources can be analysed and interpreted into meaningful conclusions for business decisions. In this course, you will gain an understanding of various types of analytics, including descriptive, diagnostic, predictive analytics, and prescriptive analytics. We will also cover applications of the various data analytics for addressing business issues and challenges. Get hands-on experience using techniques and tools such as Microsoft Power BI in our practical sessions.