Creative Multimedia Culture & Context

This is the perfect opportunity to let your imagination run wild and unleash your inner creativity. Give yourself the chance to be acquainted with how the cultural and creative industries operate, the ways in which media shape our lives and how we, in turn, influence the media and creative sectors.

Delve into the theory and processes behind the design and development of web and mobile applications. Learn all about media use by social groups in societies and its relation to cultural development. Get a basic understanding of the framework for the resolution of legal issues and the skills required to manage and execute projects in the creative industry.

This track consists of courses with theoretical content as well as hands-on components. We provide a strong focus on professional development, making this a great option if you are looking to develop a career in the creative industry or explore job roles that cover communications, publishing, public relations, and advertising.

This course is offered by the
Faculty of Creative Multimedia (FCM)

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A well-designed website and/or mobile application is more a necessity than a nice-to-have feature in contemporary times. Learn the theory and processes behind fundamental applications for web and mobile design and development in this course. We will cover the characteristics, standards, frameworks, and interface guidelines for a variety of internet and mobile device applications. The ability to design professional websites and mobile applications will play a key role to enhance the reach of your products and services and take you further in your ventures.


Media Anthropology represents the convergence of issues and interests on anthropological approaches to the study of media. This course focuses on the understanding of media use by social groups in societies and its relation to cultural development. You will learn the theories and research approaches to evaluate and interpret audiences’ participation in the process and practice of creating art and multimedia design. Explore the ways in which media shapes societies and how they are produced and consumed across different cultures.


The law that relates to and regulates all forms of media production and usage is referred to as media law. In this course, you will learn the concepts and applications of laws in Malaysia that relate to the media from the perspective of industry practitioners, consumers, and regulators. Media Law provides a framework for the resolution of legal issues related to film, television, digital media, advertising, publishing, marketing, and other areas of the media. A working knowledge in this area is a valuable addition to your skillset.


Formal methods and proper skills in managing projects are essential to any businesses. Good organizational and communication skills are an integral part of leading projects effectively. This course introduces the responsibilities and skills needed to execute a project following the creative industry standard. You will also learn the ethical components required to be an effective project manager and team member, including the process in preparing sufficient project documentation. Project management is a rewarding option in career choices that will improve your future prospects.


Motion capture, in a gist, is the process of recording movements of objects or people. In this course, you will learn the principle of motion capture, the technical aspects of the process, and experience capturing raw data and importing them into specialised software for 3D modelling. The hands-on sessions will be conducted in our well-equipped Motion Capture Lab. The technical and conceptual understanding of motion capture principles gained in this course can be applied in the various fields of animation, simulation applications, and entertainment.


Creating a corporate identity is a strategy that companies use to identify with and appeal to their target audiences. An organization can shape the public’s perception of it with an established identity, promote its values more effectively, and thus, direct its marketing campaigns more efficiently. This course provides the basic fundamentals of how a company is presented to and perceived by its employees and the public. The course also includes creative thinking, conceptualizing ability and design skills through understanding the principles, elements and process of corporate identity.


Information visualisation is the practice of representing data or information in a meaningful, visual way that users can easily interpret and comprehend. It is an effective way to share figures and insights in a digestible format, even for non-experts in the field of study. This course provides the basic fundamentals of designing and presenting accurate and meaningful visual information. It also includes the usage of various software and tools to design and create effective visuals.