Filmmaking Experience

Ignite your filmmaking passion. Learn the art, from theory to practice.

Enhance your understanding of the cinematic world and storytelling skills. Immerse yourself in a global cinematic journey and its rich history. Also, immerse yourself in the practical realm of filmmaking, from conceptualization to short film production. Additionally, master the art of creating suspense in your films, delving into genre-specific storytelling techniques. With expert guidance and hands-on practice, you’ll become adept at crafting tension, anticipation, and excitement in your cinematic projects. This transformative program is your gateway to an exciting and creative journey in the world of filmmaking.

Your cinematic journey begins here.

This course is offered by the
Faculty of Cinematic Arts (FCA).

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A movie is more than just entertainment. Whether you are a casual moviegoer or a serious film enthusiast, this course is designed to let you acquire a deeper appreciation for the art form of film. You will watch and discuss a wide variety of films from across the globe, with a focus on the key films in cinema’s history.

  • Track: Filmmaking Experience
  • Learning activities:
    • ✅Tutorial
    • ✅Case Study
    • ✅Group Work
    • ✅Discussion
    • ❌Lecture
    • ❌Lab
  • Assessment:
    • ✅ Project
    • ✅ Presentation
    • ❌ Test
    • ❌ Final exam
    • ❌ Lab
  • Earn 3 credit hours.
  • Offered by the Faculty of Cinematic Arts.


Get a pass into the world of filmmaking, right from conception to final release. This course introduces novices to the workflow of film production and a hands-on experience of every stage in the process. You will get to work in teams to create short films using digital cameras as well as audio and video editing tools.


The element of suspense is found in most films, to various degrees depending on the film genre. This course is specially designed to guide you in the art of infusing basic visual storytelling with a sense of genre style and panache in your film projects. Dive into the world of suspenseful filmmaking with demonstrations and guided hands-on exercises.